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when flirting and dinner meet.
if you combine the effectiveness of a
food waste app with the positive aspects of a dating app
you are bound to arrive at Flinners
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What can Flinners offer you

Explore new tastes

Explore new dishes, made with passion. Prepare to meet singles who share your culinary preference and who tend to look beyond a profile picture or a virtual alter ego.

Connect with locals

Meet new people that live near you. Flinners will suggest meals near your location, depending on how far you are willing to go to meet your culinary match.

Visit unique places

Explore new places near your home. Flinners will suggest a wide variety of unique locations near you and your new match.

Ready to start exploring?


Download the app and create a free account! You can choose your own fictitious profile name, the area you would like to Flinner in and you are ready to go.


Embark on your culinary adventure by opening the app and uploading pictures of your freshly cooked meal.


As soon as your dish is presented on Flinners, you can start looking for your culinary match. You will only be able to see those dishes that are offered in the area of your choosing.

Flinners, more than your dating app

Meet new people, discover new places and eat delicious meals. All in the comfort of your own city.

Discover thé dating experience that will always generate positive vibes.

When you see something you fancy, be sure to like it. When there’s a match, the app will text you some possibilities of places and point of time the exchange will take place. Select one of them and you are good to go. But beware of possible flirting, 😉 .
After the exchange you will receive a request by Flinners to rate the dish of your match and vice versa. This way you can collect stars on your profile, which could convince future flinner dates to pick your dishes first.